Best places for vacation in the Caribbean in March

Best Places to Vacation in the Caribbean in March

Best places for vacation in the Caribbean in March. In this Post , we will discuss few of the top best Caribbean locations for March getaways. Prepare to savor all that these Caribbean paradises provide in terms of beauty, peace, and adventure. This will cover all areas needed on this particular topic .

The Barbados:


Barbados, is also called to the “Gem of the Caribbean,” is a genuine tropical paradise. Its unmarked white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant local culture make it a must-go destination in March. Travel over the historic capital of Bridgetown, quench in delicious Bajan cuisine, and dance to the infectious rhythms of calypso and reggae music. Do not miss the famous Crop Over Festival, which takes place in March and celebrates Barbadian culture with vivid, colorful parades and lively street parties.

The St. Lucia:

Saint Lucia is an astonishing beautiful island in the Caribbean with a nice volcano mountain and good jungle. These large islands has  a diversity of events and outdoor activities . It has a hole through the alluring rainforest to witness secret waterfalls and pay visit to the renowned pitons in the Caribbean. There are too imposing volcanic apex arise from the deep sea. Discovering the sulphur springs and the one and o lit dive-in volcano in the world to be precise. There is a restorative mud bath. The yearly Saint Lucia Jazz Festival which takes place the month of March , features top musicians to make your stay a fantasy.

The Aruba:

The Aruba is renowned for its best beaches and the year-round sunshine which is magnificent, Aruba is a fantastic place for March getaway. Have fun with the water activity which includes snorkeling, scuba, diving, and windsurfing in the magnificent water of the Caribbean Sea. Explore the vibrant Capital of Oranjestad, Popularly Known for its colorful Dutch colonial architecture and lively shopping Location that is around it. Do not forget to witness the famous Bon Bini Festival which happens every week as a celebration of the Aruban culture, music, and dance.

The Vacation in Jamaica

Jamaica, a Country well Known for its reggae. Dancehall music and simple atmosphere, gives the ideal balance of free time adventure. Jamaica Hosts a lot different number of festivals in March. During when the weather is cool and beautiful which is a great time for travelers to visit Jamaica. Take a free time excursion down the Martha Brae River near. Explore the beautiful Dunn’s Falls in Ocho Rio, or experience the amazing nightlife in Montego Bay. Uncover the origins of dancehall music by by paying visit to the Nine Mile birthplace of Bob Marley.

The Bahamas: Best places for vacation in the Caribbean in March

The Bahamas in general are a group of beautiful islands . That contains hygenic beaches, active coral reefs, and different variety of aquatic life. The waether condition in March is best for water sports and beach activities. Explore the thriving straw market in Nassau, the nation’s capital, to find regional craft and mementos. Swim among amiable Dlphines at the blue Lagoon Island. Uncover the famous Thunderball Grotto which was shown in the James Bond movie. The fare to this magnificent place, Bahamas includes the seafood , a fresh one and tasty fruits.


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